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Callunas mission to reduce waste

Exhibitions are inherently wasteful. Stands are built for a 2 day show, and then thrown away. This is due to it being cheaper to build again than to store vast panels.

This is something that NEEDS to change.

At Calluna Graphix we have analysed every point of the process to try and minimise the impact on the environment.


From the initial design through to print, installation, and removal and then re-purpose.

Please see more information below.


The fabric we use is from PONGS®. Where they use innovative sustainable technologies to produce climate neutral textiles for the digital printing industry. The ink is water based rather than solvent, and is dye sub printed so can be washed if it gets dirty. We encourage our customers to reuse their graphics as much as possible.

Reusing graphics isn't an option for some of our customers, due to the quick changes in products and services they offer. In this case, the fabric is still not wasted. Any logos / text is shredded and used as the filling for floor puffs and cushions. The rest of the usable fabric is given new life by being made into bags, pencil cases, boxes and more! These are then either returned to the company or sold to raise money for charity.


We can design your graphics to be more adaptable, so that a 3m wall is split into 2m and 1m graphics rather than one long stretch. This means at future shows we can accomodate a different shaped stand while using the same graphics.


There will always be an element we can't completely control. The graphics and framework need to be transported to exhibition halls, and this will be done in a diesel van. In the future we hope to move to electric so it can be charged with renewable energy. But for now we have calculated that 2 trees need to be planted to offset the CO2.


At Calluna we use a metal framework called T3 that can be broken into smaller pieces and then re built over and over again. This means it can be reconfigured into virtually any shape and size!


All the upcycled items sold on the website have been individually made from unwanted exhibition fabric to give them a new purpose. 10% of proceeds of each sale will be donated to Severn Hospice, Charity Number 512394.


100% recycled acrylic is now a viable alternative, it looks, performs and has the lifespan of standard cast acrylic at little extra cost. As well as being manufactured from 100% scrap acrylic, the amount of Carbon produced during manufacture is reduced by approximately 75%.

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