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People need People - Why we love networking!

We love the event industry as it brings people together.

Whether its to enjoy a similar interest, to learn or share ideas we believe that networking is vital. It’s been hard networking through screens but we are now enjoying meeting people face to face! There is nothing better then handing an exhibition stand over to its exhibitors and watching them network with delegates. On our way home from a meeting we discussed how important networking has been for Calluna – how it has created the best support group for the business and helped it develop. It’s been so amazing to meet new people and learn about their companies.

Networking can be awkward and too time consuming for some but we thought we would share our thoughts on the importance of networking!

1. Discuss Ideas

It was networking that prompted Heather to start Calluna Graphix. Being able to discuss her ideas gave Heather the confidence that there was a gap in the market. A gap that needed to be filled and would be wanted. Discussing the industry with insiders gave an idea of how events are moving forward.

2. Confidence Boost

When Covid-19 hit and the industry went on pause it was a worrying time – would it reopen? Would people be willing to use new suppliers? Networking showed us that there was still a demand for what we do and people were really encouraging, giving us a huge boost to carry on.

3. New connections

Who doesn’t like meeting someone new? You never know what a person is capable of until you really get to know them. We have attended a weekly networking event for local businesses and met many fantastic people. Through networking we have found new suppliers for our company and have also found new clients!

4. Tips/Advice

We have attended many online seminars and learnt a lot. But it is the networking at the end that provides the best advice. Many people ask deeper questions and people are more willing to offer advice on personal experience. Getting tips from people who have been there and done it is priceless.

5. Brand Awareness

Networking always involves briefly describing who you are and what you do. So you are instantly promoting yourself to an audience. Perhaps they don’t need you but they may know someone who does. As networking is personal it leads to stronger relationships and people are far more likely to recommend your service once they have got to know you.

6. Research

By opening discussions you can be finding out what people want, how to shape your product and direct your company to suite the needs of your audience.

7. Support

A support group for Calluna has been fundamental, Calluna would not have survived Covid without it. Through industry networking events and local Business networking events we have built many incredible relationships. So THANK YOU! To everyone who has set up virtual events and to all those that we have met. We have also enjoyed supporting others, especially locally where we can see the direct impact we are having.

I could keep writing, the list of benefits is endless so If you don’t currently network then start today! Look for local business groups or specialist industry events – you will be amazed at how fun and relaxed they can be.

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