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Perspex, Acrylic… non-biodegradable plastic – do we really need it?

Most people who use it want it to look shiny and new because its being used for displays and we understand that. But did you know you can buy it reclaimed? And it looks as good as new!

Not only do you help the environment but its cost effect and great PR!

Here’s two examples of reclaimed Acrylic that we have supplied:

Stallion AI – display cases

We worked with Stallion AI to supply them with display cases for pre-historic horse bones. History is important and they didn’t want to hide away valuable items, but having them out could cause them damage.

We needed to come up with a solution that would ethically protect these items. So we used recycled acrylic and were able to create boxes to the dimensions required to create display cases. Now the horse bones are on proud display in their meeting room – fantastic conversation starter!

Wisp IT – Office Signage

We also worked with Wisp IT solutions. They wanted some fresh office signage for their new office that wouldn’t hurt the environment. We were able to supply recycled acrylic with their logo printed on it!

You can’t see the difference, can you?

If you are interested in using reclaimed acrylic for signed, displays or even as literature holders then please get in touch for more information: or 01743 627400.

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